Reawaken and amplify the spiritual power inherent in your physical body.

Astrologer Emily Trinkaus and Energy Healer Katie Todd are your Galactic Priestess Guides to

creating a rich, soulful, abundant, and joyful life here on Earth.

Galactivate with us and you will:


♦ Gain practical guidance for working with planetary energies.

♦ Align with the natural cosmic flow for greater ease and success.

♦ Learn about astrology through direct experience – by feeling it in your body.

♦ Receive support for stepping into more of your feminine power.

♦ Join a galactic party without dressing up or going anywhere!


The Galactic Priestess Academy offers programs combining astrology and energy healing to awaken your memory of the truth of who you are: an infinite being with the power of the galaxy flowing through you in every moment.

 You can participate by phone, Skype, or online from anywhere in the world!


She offers practical guidance for navigating cosmic energies, in language that is clear and accessible.


She connects and aligns the group with the cosmic forces, harnessing them to support you in activating your feminine power.


is the behind-the-scenes tender of our Virtual Galactic Temple



 Full Moon Galactivations:   Jump in for just one session, or subscribe for 6 months or one year!purchasebutton


Learn more about the power of the moon phases and energy magic.



“Everything covered each month is so totally relevant. I can literally feel the support energetically and the subtle shifts within. The info & work is so helpful to keep connected to the cosmos, each other – not to mention myself. I think you guys should be on Oprah. I rarely have the opportunity to listen live and it is all still happening. Time and space matter not.” – Zuzanna

“I am amazed at how the energy work achieved in these group calls is so powerful. I would never have imagined that a cyber gathering of women willing to make time for the Goddess would be so effective in healing each individual in the ways I have been experiencing these calls. So I feel compelled to again thank Emily and Katie AND also express gratitude and alignment with all of the women who join this Temple. Even listening to a recording of the event is powerful.” -Lynn